Although theatre was reestablished to a public theatre in 1945 autumn, it was ignored by the Soviet government and its' postwar existence was treated as newly founded Soviet theatre.

There were very few actors left, therefore the director of the theatre K. Tumkevičius had to organize a new troupe. What is more, theatre‘s movement was influenced by strict directions of communistic ideologies. Shoddy and propaganda plays were inevitable. 12 first-nights were presented during three seasons. The most valuable, interesting and positively estimated by theatre critics are such plays as “Jupiter is laughing” by A. Kroninas, "Mr. de Pursonjak" comedy by B. Moljeras, "Shining, but not warming" by A. Ostrovskis and "Singing chanterelles" by J. Baltušis, who let this play firstly be staged in Marijampolė. The play was suitable for Soviet propaganda, but, dramaturgically speaking, it was much more mature work. Therefore, this play was staged very thoroughly and advised by the consultants from other theatres. The staging of the artistic director K. Tumkevičius was positively estimated and the play was well- attended.

Unfortunately, the movement of the theatre was suddenly stopped. The drive of saving started in the Soviet Union in 1949. Theatres of Marijampolė and Telšiai were closed in order to reduce spendings for culture.


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