Psychological drama
Based on the novel „I can paint the boat“ by Vadimas Levanovas

Artistic director - Stanislovas Večerskis
The boy - Jonas Augustauskas
The man - Stanislovas Večerskis
The woman - Rūta Tušinskaitė
The nurse - Vita Gvazdaitienė
The doctor - Giedrius Leonavičius

The plot of the play takes place in the hospital. One of the heavy patients - the man - feels the breathing of the coming death thus experiencing a brutal fear. In the presence of death, the life of the man appears to be unnecessary for him. He also hates his ward mate - the all forgotten and unwanted oligofrenic boy. The man thinks that life of the boy is absolutely worthless and meaningless, the boy for the man is like a plant. However, his own life is invaluable.

There are some mystical elements in the play: the boy can see the things, which cannot be seen by anybody else. He sees a mystical arabian, who comes and takes the souls of dead people. The man also starts to hear whispers, laughs, other strange sounds and feels something invisible next to him. Meanwhile, the doctor and the nurse are secretaly preparing for the illegal operation of kidney transplantation. The operation is fully paid for the woman - the lover of the man...

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