Three-part drama
Translation from French made by Violeta Tauragienė

Artistic director - Romualdas Kučiauskas
Scenography - Dovilė Žilionytė
Costume designer - Anna Bochan-Latvaitienė
Composer - Darius Klišys

Performing: Jonas Augustauskas, Raimondas Buividavičius, Rita Gvazdaitienė, Birutė Stankienė, Gerda Stiklickienė

This Jean Cocteau‘s three-part drama reveals family life, which is not so simple and commonplace as it appears to be at first sight, because all family members experience the crisis of human values.

Yvonne, also known as Sophie, suffers not only from diabetes, but also from the diseased attachment to her beloved and only son Michel. Michel is still a child for Yvonne, though he is already 22 years old. Therefore, the son tries to escape from the exaggerated care of his mother and falls in love with a young woman Madelein, who works with scenography. Master of the house George is a good father and loving husband, unfortunately suffering from the age crisis and alienating from his family. Yvonne, George‘s wife, devotes all her attention and feelings to Michel, whereas George doesn‘t nearly exist...

Leonie, Yvonne‘s sister, once was George‘s fiancee, but now she lives in his family. She has her own secret considerations, which scramble Yvonne‘s and George‘s family life. Michel and his beloved Madelein necessarily become the victims of relatives‘ egoism...

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