One-part literary musical improvisation

Art director, actor - Dalia Jankauskaitė
Composer, performer - Tomas Dobrovolskis
Scenography, costume designer - Aleksandra Jacovskytė


From the interview of poet Nijolė Miliauskaitė:

Very inside me, somewhere in the very bottom of entity, there is something that always keeps vigil, watches, remembers and knows everything. Step by step collects impressions, images, sounds and colours, which stows to the dark treasury and leaves them ferment, change, transform. If it is necessary, takes it to the poem. I don‘t intervene in all this, I simply be. And when I am writing, something comes in itself, maybe something that must come.

I would like to talk about those, who make it hard, who can‘t adapt... don‘t know how to live. It is not about a smiling woman from the magazine cover, it is about the mundane and overwrought one.

Of course, poetry hardly can help those people, who I want to write about, but I feel duty- especially about that people.

I chose poetry even if I have to beg in the old age. I know that I highly take a risk, but there is no way back.

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