Three-act comedy by Claude Magnier’s play “Blaise”

Artistic director - Romualdas Kučiauskas
Art director - Dovilė Žilionytė

Performing: Jonas Augustauskas, Rita Gvazdaitienė, Vita Gvazdaitienė, Doloresa Kazragytė, Remigijus Petrucionis, Birutė Stankienė, Irena Talandienė, Eglė Tulickienė


“Love is like in France”, “French bluff or lady under the sofa”, “Search for a woman”, “When she is not expected at all”, “The blues”, “All women are crazy”, “I love you, painter”, “Dress this minute, mademoiselle!”- these are the different titles of the plays, which are shown in various world theatres. The plays are all based on Claude Magnier’s (1920-1983) three-act comedy “Blaise”. It is ironic and romantic situation comedy- just a funny game without any claims to the philosophical depths. There is no vulgarity in the comedy, only nearly childish naivety and a happy end. Though Claude Magnier created this comedy in the middle of last century, we can hardily say: french situation comedy is eternal and modern in any situation!

The act takes place in Paris. There lives a young loser, hardly making both ends meet painter called Blaise. His friend, mannequin Genevieve, invents the plan, which have to save them from threatening beggary. Blaise just have to take in marriage with Laura, rich businessman’s Kleber’s daughter. In fact, the bride is quite not so intelligent and not so young, whereas her rich father, monsieur Kleber, appears to be the lover of Blaise’s friend Genevieve. What is more, Blaise doesn’t have a flat where he could invite his guests, so he rents one for two weeks. Instead of professional metrodotel, to serve the guests comes quite a strange village girl Marie, who tries to start maid career in Paris. And here it starts!..

Here starts a funny, playful story about love, flirt, betrayals and tricks. Story, which can happen not only to the literary characters, but also to us in real life.

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