Collin Higgins, Jean Claude Carrier. HAROLD AND MAUDE

Two-part drama
Translation from French made by Antanas Gudelis

Artistic director - Romualdas Kučiauskas
Art director - Dalia Kiaupaitė
Music author - Ernestas Bruzbartas

Performing: Jonas Augustauskas, Raimondas Buividavičius, Arnoldas Gabanaitis, Rita Gvazdaitienė, Doloresa Kazragytė, Aurelija Krampaitė, Algirdas Kunigiškis, Gintaras Kunigiškis, Ieva Lomovskytė, Vaida Ražaitytė, Irena Talandienė, Egidijus Tulickas, Karolis Vyšniauskas

Harold feels lonely and unappreciated, because he doesn’t get used to a salon like home atmosphere and to the caprices of his masterful mother- very assuming lady. He uses straight nihilism, eccentric behavior and extreme tricks in the war with a vain and obsessive philistinism. And here he meets an 80-year-old Maude- strange lady, who jokes, astonishes with her sincere immediacy and optimism. Precisely in the relationship of Harold and Maude, in their approach mystery starts unfolding something more and deeper than an everyday paradoxical story…

Drama is full of episodes, tricks, irony, grotesque and farce, all reminding snappy interacts, however, they are changed by the scenes full of contemplative lyricism. Those scenes raise very hurtful coexistence problems of different generations as well as the veritys of human being, point of life and missions. “Life is wonderful, isn’t it? And the most wonderful thing is, that life is not everlasting…”- says Maude.

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