G. M. Martinez de Sierra. LULLABY IN CLOISTER

Two-part play

Artistic director - Romualdas Kučiauskas
Art director - Vytenis Jakunskas

Performing: Ernestas Bruzbartas, Rita Gvazdaitienė, Gintaras Gvazdaitis, Jurgita Jankauskaitė, Algirdas Kunigiškis, Daiva Lazauskienė, Jadvyga Lenktienė, Jolanta Nekrašienė, Roma Padvelskienė, Andžela Paplauskienė, Birutė Stankienė, Tatjana Uleckienė, Veronika Zuzevičiūtė

Martinez Sierra, Gregorio
(1881 - 1947)

Spanish composer, novelist and poet. The play Cancion de cuna (Lullaby in cloister) was created in 1911 and is believed to be Martinez Sierra’s masterpiece.

Martinez Sierra wrote many novels, Ana Maria is the most popular. His poetry collection Flowers of frost was published in 1900. Martinez Sierra translated Shakespeare, Meterlink, established some literary journals, attended theatrical movement. Most of his works was created with a help of his wife, poet Maria Lejarraga.

Passions blind human face, covers its’ innocence with a dark veil, salacity leaves deep furrows, wickedness makes it cruel and tired, immorality hardens lips, makes them speechless for expressing the kindness.

Nuns are not free from mistakes, not all of them are perfect. The martyrdom of nuns’ profession torments them during the whole life till death, because feelings are always searching for pleasure, will- for freedom, greediness- for property. If they don’t want to kill their calling, they must attempt to destroy their mistakes and become more perfect. Thus will, feelings and greediness must be crushed all the time. Therefore, the life of monkhood gains the merit of martyr intensity and diligence.

The book for nuns, Pažaislis, 1935.

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