Two one-part tragicomedies

Artistic director - Hana Šumilaitė
Art director - Luana Stebuliauskienė

Performing: Jonas Augustauskas, Darius Baliūnas, Rita Gvazdaitienė, Gintaras Gvazdaitis, Neringa Klišienė, Algirdas Kunigiškis, Andžela Paplauskienė, Ričardas Rutkauskas, Antanas Stankevičius, Andriejus Talalajavas, Reimundas Tyras, Ričardas Vainas, Stanislovas Večerskis

Orchestra girls - the group “ERRA” of fashion theatre

Slawomir Mrožek - one of the most outstanding playwrights of XX century not only in Poland, but also in the whole world. Slawomir Mrožek was born in 1930 and all his life, even when he was living in emigration (1963-2000), belonged to the elite layer, which was famous for its’ intelligence and rebellious soul.

Playwright and satirist Slawomir Mrožek absurd comic and parodic speech style connects together with poly-edge metaphor and polemic, and especially with romantic literary tradition.

Slawomir Mrožek’s plays “Tango” (1965), “Emigrants” (1970) and “Slaughterhouse” (1975) are the most famous in the world.

In 1976-78, Slawomir Mrožek creates four one-act plays with a main character- Fox: “The Serenade”, “Philosopher Fox”, “Aspirator Fox”, “Fox hunting”. Today we’re offering you two of them and wishing nice moments.

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