Branislav Nušič. DR. (DOCTOR)

Four-act comedy

Artistic director - Romualdas Kučiauskas
Art director - Vytenis Jakunskas

Performing: Rita Gvazdaitienė, Gintaras Gvazdaitis, Liuda Kaminskienė, Algirdas Kunigiškis, Jadvyga Lenktienė, Gerda Muraškaitė, Rūta Muraškienė, Andžela Paplauskienė, Ričardas Rutkauskas, Birutė Stankienė, Andriejus Talalajavas, Irena Talandienė, Reimundas Tyras, Tatjana Uleckienė, Ričardas Vainas

Branislav Nušič (1864- 1938) - famous Serbian writer, playwright. He created poems, prose, worked in a diplomatic and administrative sphere, directed theatres. Branislav was accepted firstly as a playwright and compared together with Ž. B. Moljer, N. Gogol. In his plays, Branislav unmercifully discloses stupid and vicious philistines, their vainglorious pride, desire for honour and two-faced morality.

Branislav Nušič’s satyrical comedy “Mr. Dollar“ was created Marijampolė‘s theatre in 1958 (artistic director A. Kupstas, art director R. Lukšas).

One of the best Branislav Nušič’s comedies is “Dr.”, created in 1936. It is not only satire, but also situation and character comedy.


I write to those people, who desire for support in a difficult travel through such confused nowadays ways, I write to those, who think, that you have to look at the world and life with tearful eyes, who understand the value of laugh in human’s life.

I really love my heroes despite I laugh at them. All of them are good people. Their mistakes, weaknesses and other faults are not deadly sins. They experience rough tragedies, because they heartily believe in the right of their chosen way and working sense.

Humanity should be ashamed of time in which they live, should be ashamed of their progress, which couldn’t silence the most primitive instincts and defeat beast in human.

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