Mystical play – experiment

Performing – The youth workshop of Marijampolė drama theatre

Artistic director - Justina Širvelytė

They all sank in the oblivion. In the permanent darkness, watching the real living world only from the side, they wander seeking for peace... Sometimes, those „sometimes“ are the most awful for them, the melody is being heard. The melody of secret SHE. Then, every sound makes them feel so painful, that they barely can breath. And when SHE appears together with the melody, the are forced to come back to the past and relive everything again. They try to reach the light, to repent, to buy the guilt with their laments, but SHE has no mercy anymore. Using their strength of force, they were first, who moved HER to the oblivion and she cursed them to wander with her forever. The world forgot them. But they still wander over the world with their inexhaustible misery.

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