Two-part story based on the novel “Scarecrow” by V. Železnikov

Artistic director - Justina Širvelytė ( KU, Faculty of Arts, speciality of direction, VI course student)
Course supervisors: Gytis B. Padegimas, Darius Meškauskas
Performing: Lena Besolceva - Rūta Kubeldzytė, Greta Gasčiauskaitė; Šmakova - Paulina Varnelytė; Iron Pin Mironova - Gabrielė Aleksaitė; Margarita Ivanovna - Simona Survilaitė; Aunt Klava - Kristina Alesiūtė; Nikolajus Nikolajevičius Besolcevas - Aivaras Vilutis; Dima Somovas - Norvydas Slankauskas; Rudy - Ignas Gajauskas; Valka - Daumantas Žitkus; Mophead - Henrikas Burinskas; Vasiljevas - Žygimantas Survila; Popovas - Ignas Vieversys; Deimantė Jasaitytė, Samanta Augulytė, Gintarė Sinkevičiūtė, Karolina Valentaitė, Martynas Gutauskas, Vytautė Šarkaitė, Akvilė Aleksaitė, Vaiva Kovzonaitė, Rūta Raibikytė.

The play is about teenagers and life of one class. In the centre- sixth form student Lena , as if descended from the picture of XIX century to the school of small town. The girl’s nickname is a scarecrow. She is very indecisive and fragile, however, she dares to face up the betrayal. To “children from cage” she evokes the sense of unselfish courage and nobleness.

The novel “Scarecrow” was written in 1981 by Russian writer Vladimir Železnikov. Nowadays, 1981 year is thought to be deep Soviet times. Many Soviet works, especially realistic ones, not literary tales, became old and not relevant. Vladimir Železnikov’s book is also related with realia of those times, however, this story didn’t lose its’ value. On the contrary, we understood that many problems, motives- things praising, philistinism, strength cult and others- not even disappeared, but even became much tender nowadays.

The main two lines reveal in the story: school and family. Grandfather Nikolaj Nikolajevič represents family line. He collects pictures and portraits from XIX century, this way he tries to fix and keep safe the old moral values, which are in danger. Lena is like descended from the picture of XIX century, as if she is not suitable for this world. However, she effects other people…

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