The legitimate theatre of Marijampolė was established in 15th Oct 1992 by the decision of Marijampolė‘s administration when the Board of Culture and Education of Lithuanian Republic liquidated the legitimate public theatre of Marijampolė.

According to the organisations of theatres and concerts of Lithuanian Republic, the legitimate theatre of Marijampolė is the theatre of government. Theatre‘s founder is the council of governments. Theatre is financed from the budget of government. The rules of theatre regulates the order and the aims of theatre, the sponsorship, the placement and work payment, the reconstruction, reorganization and liquidation. Vytautas Dapšys was the director of theatre from 1992 to 2000 and Stasys Večerskis from 1995. From 1st Dec 2000 the director of theatre is Romualdas Kučiauskas.

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